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January 8th, 2014


Police Warning of Phone Scam from Area Code 473


Police Warning of Phone Scam from Area Code 473CENTERVILLE, Idaho. – One of the most latest phone scams may seem to be calming down, although local law enforcement is asking all residents to be extra careful when accepting phone calls, due to another phone scam that has been recently reported.

Reports have surfaced within Utah, due to residents receiving suspicious phone calls from a 473 area code. Those who answered these calls or returned the calls experienced premium fees from cell phone providers.

Shocking as this may seem, even the Local Police have experienced the same phone scam attempts, as Lt. Paul Child of Centerville Police stated that he received the call, as well as the police chief and several officers within the department.

Soon after residents of Centerville started reporting these calls, the department made an official alert via their twitter account on Jan 1st, within the evening, in a bid to warn other residents of how to deal with the phone scam thats plagued so many other residents.

The callers sounds like a person that is in distress. “We had one resident who was called at 2 a.m., who told us it sounded like a person moaning,” Child said. That report is very similar to others received by investigators within the state.

The number, 473-520-9734 is assigned to the island country of Grenada.

“Residents who get calls from a 473 number, or from any other number they don’t recognize should not answer the call. Let it go to your voicemail, listen to it and then make a determination as to whether you want to return the call. We need to be ultra careful about these sorts of things”, said Lt. Paul Child.

Although it was mainly Verizon customers that have been targeted with this latest phone scam, all other cell phone carriers are still at risk and should be extra vigilant before answering calls, especially from the number in question, or any other number that has the 473 area code.

A press release submitted by the states Department of Public Safety warned residents that this particular phone scam expects those that have been called to call them back, in which the scammers are then able to attain information from the phone which can then result in premium charges from the cell phone providers.


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