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January 9th, 2014


Phone Scam effecting Bank Customers in Massachusetts


Phone Scam effecting Bank Customers in MassachusettsTaunton, Massachusetts. – Over the holidays, there was a credit card breach at Target which has given birth to a new phone scam in which scammers have been coming up with creative ways in which to take advantage of those clients that were effected with the breach. People targeted at several banks within Fall River and Taunton have been tricked into handing over private information.

Customer service representatives at the Bristol County Savings Bank in Taunton have been working tirelessly to calm the fears of more than 60 thousand customers. “We’ve had well over 300 customers and non customers that have been called, ” says Bristol County Savings Bank President, Patrick Murray.

It has been reported that the scam involves a recorded call that informs the customer that their debit card has been compromised and then asks the customer to enter their card number to unlock the effected card. Once the scammers have this information, they are then able to create fake cards with the real information on it, in order to use the funds.

This particular phone scam targeted customers at three banks in Fall River two weeks ago, although reports are suggesting that a further three banks have been targeted by the same scam within Taunton this week. Customers are advised to be extra vigilant when receiving such calls and are asked to never enter their debit card details when approached by a reported call.

Alissa Doehler, an employee at Bristol County Savings Bank reports that she received two calls this week which prompted her to enter her debit card details and her husband almost entered the details but found it suspicious before any details were submitted. “He hit the button to see what exactly what it was going to say and they told him to put in his information and he hung up, ” says Doehler.

Unfortunately, may customers became a victim of this phone scam and have actually handed over their debit card information. It is thought that the latest credit card breach at target is responsible for the scammers attempt to take advantage of that fact. “They are just hoping people assume their banks are calling because of that particular breach and that hooks them right in, ” says Murray.

Authorities are becoming increasingly worried that the scam may escalate and be making its way to Rhode Island.


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